Stratigraphic Units of Viet Nam

Miêu tả:

Tong Dzuy Thanh - Vu Khuc (Editors)

Stratigraphic Units of Viet Nam (Second Edition - Revised and Updated)

Tong-Dzuy Thanh, Vu Khuc, Dang Tran Huyen, Do Bat, Doan Nhat Truong, Nguyen Dich Dy, Nguyen Huu Hung, Pham Huy Thong, Pham Kim Ngan, Ta Hoa Phuong, Tran Huu Dan, Tran Tat Thang, Tran Van Tri, Trinh Van Long

Edited by
Tong-Dzuy Thanh, Vu Khuc

Though the Stratigraphic Code of Viet Nam was approved and published in 1994 many junior Vietnamese geologists still understand the lithological properties of the lithostratigraphic unit at rigid and usually describe a new unit and use a new term, although there is only a facies change of a previously defined unit. At a result, the number of stratigraphic terms increased rapidly resulting in an unduly complicated picture. In this situation, an assessment of the validity of Viet Nam's stratigraphic units becomes pressing, and a revision of Viet Nam's stratigraphic units, including those of the continental shelf and the subsurface on the mainland, is presented in this work.

The athors of this monograph are geologists from different research institutions of Viet Nam. Chapter 1 (Sedimentary paleobasins) described by Tran Van Tri, Tong-Dzuy Thanh, and Vu Khuc; Chapter 2 (Precambrian) - by Tran Tat Thang, Trinh Van Long; Chapter 3 (Lower Paleozoic) - by Pham Kim Ngan, Tran Huu Dan, Ta Hoa Phuong, Tong-Dzuy Thanh, Nguyen Huu Hung, Ta Hoa Phuong, Pham Huy Thong; Chapter 4 (Devonian) - by Tong-Dzuy Thanh, Nguyen Huu Hung, Ta Hoa Phuong, Pham Huy Thong, and Tran Van Tri; Chapter 5 (Upper Paleozoic) - by Doan Nhat Truong, and Tong-Dzuy Thanh; Chapter 6 (Mesozoic) - by Vu Khuc, Dang Tran Huyen. Chapter 7 (Cenozoic) - Tertiary Units on mainland and on the Bach Long Vi Island were described by Vu Khuc, Tong-Dzuy Thanh, and Nguyen Dich Dy based on materials of Trinh Dzanh, Tran Dinh Nhan, Nguyen Dich Dy, Pham Quang Trung and others, which have been published or stored in Archives (see References); Do Bat described Tertiary subsurface unit on continental shelf and on mainland.

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